The temps are rising and the sidewalks are sizzling. It is time to escape the Las Vegas desert for some cooler weather. VegasBloggers checked in with top Las Vegas beauty, travel, fashion and trend experts for their Top 3 Travel Item Must Haves. Are these items on your packing list?

Name: Christie Moeller
Niche: Fashion and Beauty
Website: I Can Style U
I am super sun conscious and a huge advocate of protecting your skin from sun damage so I never travel without my SUPERGOOP!  Goes on clean, isn’t greasy and provides amazing protection.
A huge problem I have experienced while traveling is not being able to find an outlet to charge my phone!  I love the Hub 6000..this little guy packs a big punch.  It gives you 27 addition hours on your phone plus it have multiple connectors you can can be someone else’s hero when they need to charge.
As a stylist I hate wrinkled clothing.  I never travel without my Jiffy Travel steamer.  If you have purchased a travel steamer from any other brand toss it in the Trash.  Jiffy is the ONLY one I recommend.
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Travel Must Haves:

Christie_Moeller_Fashion_LasVegas | travel must haves
Name: Sarah Vernetti
Niche: Family Travel
Website: Wandering Off
I pack a small notebook to jot down travel memories. Orla Kiely notebooks are my favorite with their beautiful covers. A medium-sized canvas bag can be used as a pool bag or for storing dirty laundry once I arrive at my destination. Also, a colorful travel umbrella is great for trips to the Pacific Northwest. My totes brand umbrella that I picked up at Target certainly came in handy when I visited British Columbia last fall!
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sarah_vernetti_wandering_off | travel must haves
Name: JoAnna Haugen
Niche: Travel
Regardless of the time of the year, I always travel with a sarong because of its versatility. In the summer, I make sure I’ve packed sunscreen and SPF chapstick as well – I burn easily and want to embrace the sun, not loathe it!
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JoAnna_Haugen_Travel | travel must haves
Name: Lala Sams
Niche: Travel for the budget conscious
Website: TDF Travel
Philosophy Pure Grace Perfume Solid is great for keeping a clean scent in the airport, new environment and travel size approved. The Sangria Lip Balm by Basin is a must for luscious lips that have a flavored sheen that lasts. Rohto Hydra is a must in the dry windy areas. It keeps your eyes hydrated especially when going & coming from casino A/C and desert heat.

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Lala_Sams_TDFTravel | travel must haves


Name: Abby Tegnelia
Niche: Travel
Website: DayDream Away

I have such a hectic work schedule and love to say “yes” to last-minute trips, so my Tory Burch toiletry bag stays packed and ready to go. After carrying heavy luggage and sitting on a cramped plane, I always reach for my massage ball. I just stand against a wall, and rotate around my shoulders, and I’m good to go. This teensy little pot of Vaseline has been a lifesaver! It’s so small that it takes up no room (I never check luggage), and I use it for everything from healing cracked hands after dry plane air and keeping lips moist when going to bed, to taking off eye makeup and cleaning hard surfaces. My Sony NEX-5R camera is perfect for a traveler/amateur photographer like me. It’s light but shoots excellent quality, and was very easy to use. Now that I’m getting more advanced, there are so many settings to play with. Plus, the people who work at the Sony stores I’ve been to across the country have always been really helpful when I pop in with questions.

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Abby_Tegnelia_Las Vegas


Name: Stefanie Van Aken
Niche: Luxury Family Travel + Sophisticated Lifestyle
With four kids and always on the go, I need quick and low maintainance items that also keep me looking stylish. My Louis Vuitton crossbody purse provides the perfect versatility. I can use it in a casual setting to keep my hands free when I’m with my little entourage, or quickly change it into Dress-Up Mode with a quick switch of the strap. I absolutely cannot and do not go anywhere without my Havaianas flip flops. I always opt for the ones with a little embellishment that can take me from spa, to pool to party. I am always looking for useful, yet small and fun things I can pop into my beauty travel bag. I’ve become slightly obsessed with these Atomic Toothy Tabs from Lush cosmetics. They are all natural, come in a variety of flavors and mess free!
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 Disclosure: At times, the above travel writers do receive products and/or preferred rates for travel and reviews. However, the items listed above were shared with VegasBloggers readers authentically and by each writer’s choice. No known form of compensation was provided for this article.