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A few years ago an idea popped into my head and it really never left. This idea consumed me as my experiences broadened within the fitness industry. You see this idea really was based on my attendance at several fitness conferences over the years. While I love the conference experience, it can be a bit isolated and underwhelming in the area of networking and unique presentations. I wanted to go to a conference for fitness professionals and those who just loved fitness that encompassed a grass roots feel with presentations that were not typical in the industry.

So, what could I do about it? Well, I did the one thing that I felt that I could do. I started my own conference experience that would provide all the things that I believe were important for fitness professionals and those who just love fitness. So, on January 30th, 2010, we hosted our 1st Connect to Fitness Conference. It was a very small and we only have a handful of presenters, but it was so refreshing and it just felt like home. Ever since then we have had the conference each year and it has gotten bigger and bigger, but it has still retained that sense of home and community building. We have also maintained a great sense of uniqueness as our presenters and presentations have continued to evolve into experiences that are not provided by any other organization. This can be said particularly about the 2013 Conference, which will be held at Professional Fitness Institute on Jan. 19th and Shine Alternative Fitness on Jan. 20th.

We are bringing you amazing presentations such as “Weight Loss, Systematic Psychology and the Amydala, “Ultra Marathon Training Experience”, “The Future of Food: A Later 21st Century Perspective on the Food Industry”, “The Impact of Cosmetic Surgery on Fitness Training,” and ¬†“Why Blog and Where to Begin.” Our goal is clear…we want our attendees to be a part of a thought provoking, kind and inviting educational experience. Some other highlights of our conference are the teaser group exercise classes our attendees can participate in with Shine Alternative Fitness. Shine Alternative Fitness is a truly unique fitness experience started by performers with Cirque Du Soleil. Our attendees will get the opportunity to try out classes like Anti-Gravity Yoga and Chinese Pole.

Before the main conference there are two pre-conference days that kick off with an 8 mile fitness hunt hosted by Hunt Las Vegas. Attendees will work in teams to travel down the strip by foot using clues, clever challenges and games. The route begins at Town Square and ends at the Fremont Street Experience. Afterwards there will be a party at Insert Coins located in the Fremont East District.

On the second day of pre-conference activities there will be Yapana Workshop training with Leeann Carey, a Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist course with the crew of Exercise and Nutrition Works and a complimentary certification course for QiDance, a new pre-choreographed dance class.

So, by now you have to be asking yourself…how can I sign up for this! Simple. Use our Ticket Cake conference registration system link:

As I think back about the little idea I had in my head a few years back I am happy to know that it has blossomed into a great adventure. I hope that many of you will join that adventure Jan. 17th – 20th, 2013. Thanks!

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