Are you heading out for a date night? Girls night out? A special event? Dancing until the morning hours?

Well, then…I have to tell you about a new hair styling business in Las Vegas that has wowed me and is doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

As a member of the Vegas Bloggers, I was invited to attend a private sneak peek event of a new hair salon called iBlowdry. I was told I would get a “blowout”, but I wondered…what exactly is a blowout? I’ve never had one done and it’s not something I was familiar with. Because I’m a smart chicky, I assumed it meant blow drying my hair and probably straightening it or other styling? I wasn’t sure, but I was up for trying it out.

Once I entered iBlowdry, I felt like I had entered a different world. You can tell the iBlowdry owners, Melissa Bordinhao and Tasha Jordan, had a certain look and concept in mind and they went for it. The decor is sleek and modern. There is a lot of mirrors reflecting light and I was in love with the colors: nearly everything was crisp white with shiny silver, and accents of a beautiful aqua color.

I quickly learned the concept of iBlowdry — and it’s fairly simple too. They specialize in blowouts. They do offer hair cuts and color and even nails & makeup, but the main focus is the blowout. For the blowouts, they offer several different versions, but most are all for the same price — $35. When you arrive, you can view their Hair Menu which explains each type of blowout style and they include a shampoo too.

I thought it was particularly helpful that iBlowdry is open late — until midnight. I can see this be a major benefit for anyone who is hitting clubs for the night or even a late night show or dinner.

I had the Dandelion blowout, which is their signature style. It’s described as “loose curls with body to work with any look or style”. My stylist used a special large round brush system. Basically as she worked with my hair, sections were dried and placed in large rollers until they cooled. At the end, it was all removed, and she put the finishing touches on my hair. It had lots of volume and body. It felt great too. I was one happy girl.

I was so happy, in fact, that after my complimentary blowout that I told my husband he was taking me out to dinner. There was no way I was going to go straight home with my new hair style!

Find iBlowdry here:


5120 S Decatur Blvd Ste 102
Las Vegas, NV 89118

(702) 256-9379

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Disclaimer: As a member of Vegas Bloggers, I was invited to iBlowdry to check them out and I received a complimentary blowout. All opinions and thoughts in this post are 100% my own.

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