Getting to know one of our own Founders this month, Lala Sams.  Lala is a multi-faceted blogger and one that loves all things life!  She focuses her attention on her frugal living site, The Deal Fanatic.  However, can be found on many locations with her Canon in hand snapping photos of itty bitties; usually her children.

Photo captured by Lala’s 7 year old son

Fun Facts:

  • Lala can talk about hair & all things “house” all day
  • She’s been blogging for over 9 years.
  • Lala loves to float in water

Lala is a Vegas Blogger Member and Co-Founder.  Here’s a few additional fun things about Lala:

3 things in Lala’s camera bag and purse right now

  1. 5 packs of gum because the kids always need gum when we are out to keep quiet
  2. Some kind of lip gloss because I can’t stand dry lips
  3. 85 1.4 lens, a must have at all times.

3 Places Lala has been:

  1. Canada (East & West)  Love the east
  2. NY – {LOVE}
  3. Underground in Seattle

3 things on Lala’s Bucket List:

  1. Experience Africa with my family
  2. Have my hair done by an Chicago Hairstylist – Macray
  3. Have tea in England with my daughter

3 things Lala loves about Vegas:

  1. Mountains
  2. Consistent weather
  3.  My parents are here

Get to know more about Lala and her blogs over at  The Deal Fanatic, LenzLove Photography & CupyCakey.

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