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So what if you can find a great local deal on dining, retail or services and help out a local charity?  That’s just what the founders, Jason and Kristin Smith, of Deal or Bust set out to do when they created their new daily deals website where individuals or charities can raise money for a cause.


The Smith Family- Founders of Deal or Bust


And, if raising money for charity isn’t incentive enough to shop Deal or Bust, they’ve set up each deal to “bust” after a predesignated number are sold where a random purchaser of that deal will receive it for free.

Follow and Learn

Follow Vegas Bloggers Thursday, June 21st during our live tweet-up when we’re meeting and chatting with the folks of Deal or Bust to learn more about how local charities and individuals wanting to raise money for a charitable cause can use this service.

Vegas Bloggers Live Tweet-Up with Deal or Bust

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In today’s world of social media, finding a good deal is easy when you know where to look and who to follow, so join us while we share this fabulous new daily deal site with you!  Follow Vegas Bloggers during June and July while seven of our bloggers raise money for their favorite charity or cause using Deal or Bust.  Our social deal fanatics/philanthropists are at work helping friends save money on their favorite local shops, restaurants and more while helping the community.  Follow Deal or Bust on Facebook, and Vegas Bloggers on Facebook!

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